UVbiosafe’s Disinfection Process Is Proven to Kill COVID-19, Influenza, and All Other Pathogens

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fogging, Disinfection & Cleaning Services



COVID-19 Fogging, Disinfection, and Cleaning Services

UVBiosafe is proud to offer COVID-19 fogging, disinfection, and cleaning services to South Florida & Rochester NY properties of all types, including residential homes, commercial warehouses and office spaces, government buildings, and more. We serve South Florida & Rochester NY.

Our decontamination services include Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) fogging and hand sterilization cleaning. Our Medical Grade disinfectants are EPA and CDC approved to kill and eliminate COVID-19 as well as other viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. Currently listed on the EPA’s Lists G, H, L, M, and N Our Machines are registered with the EPA as a medical device solution combination. There is no mixing of chemicals leaving no room for error.

Disinfecting & Sterilization Services South Florida & Rochester NY

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Commercial / Industrial

Commercial entities, including warehouses, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and more depend on UVBiosafe’s chemical sterilization services. Whether you need a single service or regular weekly or biweekly cleaning, contact us for COVID-19 sterilization.
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Residential Homeowners

Homeowners residing in spaces from the most significant oceanfront homes to the smallest apartments have utilized UVBiosafe’s decontamination services. Contact us for COVID-19 fogging or cleaning and disinfection services in your home or apartment.
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Governmental buildings throughout Florida & Rochester NY rely on regular COVID-19 disinfection to ensure the continuation of essential business. Governments at the state, county, and local levels can schedule COVID-19 cleaning with UVBiosafe.

Let Us Be Your Cleaning & Disinfection Partner

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, disinfection, decontamination, and sterilization of the surfaces you touch the most are at the forefront of the battle against the virus. As always, UVBiosafe stands ready to assist our clients with on-call, reliable pathogen remediation services developed to stop the spread—reducing your risk of contamination and minimizing your liability in the process.

For that reason, UVBiosafe has implemented the use of several rapid-response Decontamination Teams, highly trained in the utilization of our state of the art disinfection technology. With the deployment of these EPA- and CDC-registered tools as well as personal protective equipment (PPE), air decontamination techniques, and hand sterilization procedures, we ensure clients from the following sectors experience a clean, decontaminated environment:


Why Regular COVID-19 Decontamination Is So Important

COVID-19, also known as a novel coronavirus and its scientific name, SARS-CoV-2, is a potent strain of a class of coronaviruses. Harvard researchers have discovered that COVID-19 can remain infectious in the air for as long as three hours. According to the National Institute of Health, the virus can survive on most surfaces for two to three days. 

As a result, regular disinfection is critical, especially after exposure to an infected individual or similar infectious event. UVBiosafe is the area’s pathogen mediation expert, with our experience deploying our industry-leading virus remediation techniques. We remain committed to providing our clients with rapid-response teams dedicated to ridding your property of COVID-19. Each of our advanced procedures is OSHA-approved and follows EPA and CDC guidance.


UVBiosafe Is one of South Florida & Rochester NY’s Leading COVID-19 Disinfection, Decontamination, and Sterilization Firms

CDC & EPA-Registered Disinfectant Chemicals
Broad-spectrum, EPA-Registered (iHP) UVBiosafe utilizes only EPA-and CDC-certified chemicals guaranteed to kill the COVID-19 virus on many different surfaces, including plastics, metals, and more. In addition, our industrial-grade chemicals can kill the airborne COVID-19 virus.
Steramist Fogging
Steramist surface units, or the Environment system. When a UVBiosafe Decontamination Team goes to work on an area with a high viral load, it does so with specialized, (iHP) technology. The process is a patented two-step process that activates and ionizes Binary Ionization technology (BIT), an EPA-Rehistered solution of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution into iHP,a fine mist capable of eliminating all contamination challenges within critical environments faster than any competitors, without the production of byproducts. Requires no wiping or rinsing and leaves no residue.
Hand sterilization of high-touch surfaces
The CDC’s list of high-touch surfaces includes countertops, door handles, office equipment, commercial machinery, restaurant appliance surfaces, and more. UVBiosafe’s Decontamination Team will address each of these high-touch surfaces with medical-grade sterilization services.
Disinfection efficacy testing

Unlike many Florida & Rochester NY cleaning companies, UVBiosafe performs post-disinfection adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to ensure the efficacy of the fogging hand sterilization, and UVC services.

UVBiosafe COVID-19 Disinfection Costs

UVBiosafe’s comprehensive solution for decontaminating your property includes proper disinfection using air fogging with an EPA- Registered (BIT) solution as well as hand sterilization and UV-C technology proven to kill COVID-19. Also, our services include the proper removal and disposal of all contaminated cleaning products and biohazard waste—including decontamination of our waste containers, equipment, and trucks. Finally, UVBiosafe does it all while preserving your right to confidentiality.

Service Agreements Include

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Enhanced Viral Disinfection Service

Hospital Grade Forensic Disinfection

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for pricing

Enhanced Medical-grade COVID-19 sterilization. This more comprehensive mitigation plan is recommended if you’ve experienced a confirmed case of COVID-19 on your property. The method includes Steramist (iHP) technology as well as hand sterilization of air and surfaces—including high-touch surfaces—ending with our specialized medical grade UVC treatment (3 Powerful Treatments) in one.
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Once-Weekly Proactive Disinfection

Weekly Hospital Grade Forensic Disinfection

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for pricing

Proactive COVID-19 disinfection. Recommended once weekly to prevent COVID-19 contamination, our disinfection services include Enhanced Medical-grade COVID-19 sterilization. This more comprehensive mitigation plan is recommended if you’ve experienced a confirmed case of COVID-19 on your property. The method includes Steramist (iHP) technology as well as hand sterilization of air and surfaces—including high-touch surfaces—ending with our specialized medical grade UVC treatment (requires a four-week minimum contract). 3 Powerful treatments with every visit.

Our Low-Price Guarantee

When you’re ridding your property of COVID-19, you want a certified company approved by the EPA. If you find another company with the same qualifications at a lower price, contact us—we’ll consider matching their price. When you choose UVBiosafe, you’ll receive all of the above at a low cost for the quality of work—and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property was properly disinfected.

Overview of Our 3 Step Process

When you contact UVBiosafe for our 24/7 emergency disinfecting and cleaning services, you’ll experience our multi-step process. Below, we’ve provided an overview of each of the steps:

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Respond & Evaluate

When you call, UVBiosafe will gather information regarding your property to deploy the necessary Decontamination Team members and other resources.
After the Decontamination Team arrives on site, our professionals will quickly begin working with you to examine the property. The supervisor will direct the team to begin protocols to block the further spread of the virus.
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Disinfection & Cleaning

With PPE and safety protocols in place, UVBiosafe’s Decontamination Team will begin disinfecting the site. With our EPA Registered Steramist equipment will disperse throughout the property, killing COVID-19 viruses in the air as well as on your surfaces. Our Team will also thoroughly wipe all high-touch surfaces. The final stage is to deploy our specialized medical grade UVC technology.
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Test & Dry

After cleaning, UVBiosafe’s Disinfection Team will perform an ATP swab test on surfaces throughout your property, indicating the efficacy of the cleaning procedures. If unsatisfactory, the Disinfection Team will address the remaining areas. Once disinfection is complete, down time is minimal UVbiosafe will test to make sure the site is safe for both humans and animals to return.


Customer Testimonials

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Michael Yantovsky

These guys know their stuff. I used them for our 2 offices and they did an amazing job!! On top of it all very knowledgable and I love their new approach to disinfecting process. I am sensitive to chemicals and for me biggest plus was no harmful chemicals were used. Thank you Ion and Mike, looking forward to this relationship.. A+
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Fred Sundin

UV Biosafe came to my business and did a complete sterilization using their Ultra Violet light technology. It took less then 30 minutes. They were professional and thorough. We have contracted them to do a weekly cleaning. Our customers know by our certification that our business is safe from all germs and viruses.
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Chris Di Stefano

We are a luxury watch dealer and Jewlery store located in Boca Raton FL, after Covid we wanted to have the best kind of sterilization available. Michael and his team were extremely knowledgeable and professional. We will definitely use again!

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COVID-19 Disinfection & Cleaning
How quickly can you disinfect my property?
We kindly request that our clients provide at least a one-day notice when requesting services. However, the vast majority of our disinfection projects can take place on the same day or the same evening you request them.
Are your treatments safe for pets?
While we ask that pets vacate the property during the disinfection process. Your property will be safe after minimal time following the aeration process typically within one hour.
When can my employees return to work?
There is minimal down time depending on the size of the treated area UVbiosafe techs will make sure the treated site has been aerated properly. There is no wiping or rinsing required therefore no dwell or drying time needed.
Will your treatments leave an odor?
While some clients do notice a residual odor after the disinfecting treatments are complete, most liken the aroma to freshness or a sterile smell or other “fresh like scents” Our (iHP) is used for Deodorization.
What type of chemicals do you use?
UVBiosafe utilizes (iHP) ionized Hydrogen peroxide, which is EPA-Registered to kill SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, C. difficile, Ebola and Influenza A